January 13, 2013
VRL Launches Specimen Suitability App

VRL Laboratories announces the launch of the VRL Specimen Suitability App for Apple phone and tablet users. This app can be downloaded from both the i-tunes store and our website at:


The VRL Specimen Suitability App is intended as a tool to aid in the collecting and submitting of specimens for donor eligibility testing.The App performs simple hemodilution calculations based on the algorithm published by the FDA (Guidance for Industry HCT/Ps, Appendix 2).In addition to hemodilution calculations, the App also aids in checking various specimen requirements for specific tests the end user wants to order on a donor.

A Droid version will be available soon.

CAUTION: The VRL Specimen Suitability App has been tested for accuracy of content but by no means should it be considered a validated software application. The VRL Specimen Suitability App is not meant to be used in the decision making process of donor suitability. Please consult your company policy and procedures before use.