VRL Eurofins | Pre-Transplant Testing

VRL Eurofins is committed to servicing the transplant community with regional high complexity testing laboratories in; Denver, Colorado | Waltham, Massachusetts | Dallas, Texas | Marietta, Georgia | Los Angeles, California.


VRL Eurofins has a national reputation for its expertise in providing comprehensive laboratory services to meet the unique testing needs of the transplant community.

VRL Eurofins has five Donor Testing Laboratories, all of which are solely committed to the transplant community.  Each laboratory is focused and equipped to perform donor eligibility testing for both STAT and routine testing, utilizing state of the art technology with FDA licensed test kits and reagents.  All of our laboratories are staffed with a dedicated and professional team of laboratory technologists and support staff.  Additionally, each laboratory is equipped with multiple and redundant systems, to ensure the timely delivery of test results.

In addition to donor eligibility testing our Denver, Colorado laboratory performs high complexity microbiology testing, and our Los Angeles, California laboratory performs histocompatibility testing.

VRL Eurofins laboratories are FDA-registered for screening human cells, tissues, and cellular- and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) and also hold current certifications, licenses or accreditations for CLIA, various state agencies, and the Therapeutic Goods Administrations and German Health Authority.

As an organization, we are committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. We strive to deliver value, accurate and timely results, and excellent customer service. Our organization is committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement to achieve and sustain performance excellence.


We all share a concern for the safe and compatible transplant/transfer of donor organs and tissues. That concern translates into testing donor specimens using FDA approved screening kits and reporting data that confirms the release to transplant. VRL Eurofins sets itself apart by its commitment to its customers and its quality of performance. By providing an array of service offerings, VRL Eurofins delivers consistent performance that exceeds our clients' expectations.

Specimen Logistics

To safeguard the integrity of each specimen, blood samples are shipped to VRL Eurofins using validated shipping containers which maintain the proper environmental conditions. Validation methods follow the principles outlined by the International Safe Transportation Association (ISTA) and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).

We offer multiple custom logistic solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  VRL Eurofins can provide numerous vendors to choose from to match the best service level for each shipping location.  Additionally, our clients are free to choose the vendor of their choice, in which case VRL Eurofins will establish transportation protocols to meet client’s courier of choice.  All testing samples are tracked from our clients to our Specimen Logistics Department.

State of the Art Analysis

Upon receipt of all shipments, the donor specimens are checked for proper documentation and specimen integrity. Then, and only then, are they delivered to the appropriate testing department.  To meet the time sensitive needs of our clients, multiple infectious disease testing runs are scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Appropriate laboratory technologies, both automated and classical methods, balance the speed and efficiency of testing, all managed and performed by qualified laboratory technologists.

Test Results Reported/Transplant Decisions Made

Clients are free to choose from a variety of result reporting options. Options include email, electronic fax or information system interface. Clients are supported by VRL Eurofins' scientific and medical staff consultation.